♪ Rock Scissors Paper ☆ Small Kids


Hello everyone, Small Kids Class here!

We’ve been doing an exciting song for our finger play practice! Some of us know ‘Rock Scissor Paper’, and we were super excited to sing it for our TPR song these past couple of weeks!

“Everyone, what’s this?”

“Paper!” We’re really good at naming our three hand gestures before we begin. 

“One, two, three!” They can try to point their fingers on their own.

“Play with me!” It looks hard, but they can roll their wrists to themselves very nicely.

“Right hand, rock! Left hand, paper!”


“Right hand, scissors! Left hand, rock!”

They get so focused when mixing our hands!

“Ice Cream!” Oh, wait, please don’t lick your hand lol!

“Oh, it’s Pinocchio!” Perfect! Make a long nose!


“It’s a see-saw!” The hardest gesture for Toni is one everyone does so well. How very impressive!

I hope you can hear our Small Kids sing these songs at home, because everyone is starting to sing along very well! Good job, everyone. ^.^ Keep doing your best and let’s keep having fun! 


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