Count by Numbers ★ Kindy 3


Hello Kindy 3!

This month we have been practicing our numbers a lot and the hard work has been showing off. We started out simple by counting numbers from one to thirty.

We did it as a team in a big circle to count as a class and we were getting so fast that we could count faster than one number per second.

Time to level up the difficulty. We moved on to counting by different intervals such as two, five, or ten. This made it quite a bit harder to go quickly.

By using our fingers to help us we were all able to count and give our own number in the order. Even though it was hard everyone worked together and tried to help each other in any way they could.

There was no lack of effort even though the lesson was a little difficult and everyone was excited to make guesses to the answers each time.

We will be doing some even harder math subjects later this year and you all showed that with your positive attitudes that you are able to do whatever is asked.

Great work Kindy 3!


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