A Sweet New Theme ☆ Small Kids


Hello everyone! Small Kids Class here!

A new month means a new theme, and September is the month Fruits! Many of our games are familiar, so a new theme is a fun way to keep everything fresh and interesting. 

The easiest game to play is the one where Small Kids can pick up a picture of their choosing. 

“What do you want to get?”

“Do you want that one? Okay. What is it?”

Other games are surprises. Here they can choose a random card and flip it up to see what it is. 

“Push it up!”

“Wow! What did you find?”

Small Kids are getting very good at recognizing this theme already! They have already started naming the pictures that are matched to the small cards. Well, Toni knows what they mean to say, anyway.

Matching a picture they can hold is easier than remembering what to find. In their hardest game yet, they first have to name their pictures. Or use our flashcard gestures. ^. ^

“Sour! Sour! Sour!”

After naming the fruit, they have to remember what it was and find it so they can pick it from the fruit tree.

“Yes! That’s it!”

Then they check with Toni and match it with her. 

“Is it the same?”


Look how confident everyone is! Let’s keep up the good work, Small Kids! There are still other games Toni is looking forward to trying with you!


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