Aim high! (Kindy 1)


For Physical Development this month, we have been improving our aim and our hand-eye coordination by throwing balls at targets!

We have been using soft and colourful balls! So far, it’s been lots of fun!

We get to pick out which colours we’d like to use! (There are lots to choose from.)

We line-up nicely and wait until all our friends are ready.

We practice our aim with one hand; we’re trying to do big throws from far away!

We aim high, and “3, 2, 1…. Go!!”, we throw as far as we can and try to get it into the target (basket or hoop).

We’re getting really good at it!

And having lots of fun, too!

After we finish, we’re quick to tidy up so we can do it again and again!

We hope you get to see us get even better!

For all our wonderful papas,
We love you,
From Kindy 1 and IKA <3 



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