Aloha! (アロハ!) ☆ Preschool (2歳児クラス)


Hello, this is Preschool.

Rainy days have lasted so long and been so hot! Preschool did cooldown crafts and activities.

First, hold the crayon and design something. It seems that everyone is trying hard to draw flowers by sticking a lot of small circles together ♪


Everyone listening to the following explanation found a teacher who had something that looked delicious. “Wow !! It’s like ice cream!” Actually, this is a special art tool that is made by diluting food coloring with water and inserting an ice stick into it.

Children are very serious about the coldness of the ice and the fun of the melted ice coloring the paper.

I was able to design each original Hawaiian shirt (^ ^) /

Cut it out and stick it together to make an aloha shirt!


Apparently I was washing the finished Hawaiian shirt. First of all, I have to put it in! “Can you pick up the blue Hawaiian shirt has green flowers?” 

Where is it? Is this this?

“Yeah! We found it!” 


After pretending to do the laundry, hold the dollar bill and play shopping! “We bought this shirt!” 


We also help bears change their clothes.

“It looks so good on you!” 

Everyone in Preschool can change clothes well, so maybe this bear was a smaller baby than everyone else (^ ^ ♪)


Everyone worked very actively from crafting to activities. The appearance of working hard on each activity is a sign of growth! Let’s get over the hot summer with this condition ☆



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