Apple Tree Crafts ☆ Small Kids


Hello everyone, Small Kids Class here!

November is usually the month of harvest, so everyone worked hard to make a fitting craft for the season! They started by listening very carefully to Toni.

“What is this? A tree! Oh no, it has no leaves!”

Small Kids were very excited to stamp leaves onto their tree. They used two colors in hopes that they would mix to make a third color. ^. ^.

“Tap tap tap”


“Do you need more?”

After all the trees dried, it was time to begin the second step. Toni showed everyone how to glue their apples if their pictures were in their palm.

“Can you do it? Yes, yes! Just like that!”

“Where will you put your apples?”

“I did it!”

“Which one is yours?”


“Yes, that’s your apple tree, haha!”

Good job, Small Kids! Toni and Mika are so proud of how well you did with this month’s craft! It took many steps, and you all enjoyed every one of them! Let’s continue to do our best in class and have fun together!


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