Backstage Pass at the Christmas Concert ☆ Preschool


Everyone had such a great time performing at our Christmas Concert! We also had a lot of fun getting ready before the curtains opened for our big debut!

Everyone helped us get ready for the show! We had to have the finishing touches done just right! We waited so nicely!

Before the curtain could open, we made our prettiest straight line! We were so nervous and excited even though we knew our parents were on the other side!

Even after the curtain had opened, we checked to be sure our teachers were watching us from the sidelines! Watch us do our best!

For our second stage, we had a big and loud performance! Our poses and voices were both so strong!

We all tried our best to do a difficult rock and roll hand sign for this part! We practiced so much!

Our favorite part of the song where we get to punch forward saying “Rock you!” We wanted to sound as powerful and loud as elephants do!

After singing for so long, we had one stage left: our Christmas songs! We couldn’t possibly end the concert without sharing our Christmas spirit with all of our families!

Finally, after we were finished singing, we waited for the applause! Thank you everyone!!

Preschool did an amazing job at the concert this year and we could not be more proud of them! Well done and Merry Christmas, Preschool!!


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