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Hello there, everyone! Kindy 2 reporting in again! Things are going smooth, like always. We recently just finished our language art workbooks for the month! Now that we have a bit of free time, it seemed like a good opportunity to get some comprehension practice in.

Comprehension isn’t always an easy thing, so with some teacher help, Kindy 2 got to work! To keep things more relaxed, we took short breaks in the story to review what happened so far. It was also a great opportunity to explain parts that were difficult to understand.

Everyone was able to stay engaged and had a lot of fun answering questions about the book! That’s definitely good news! Because more reading comprehension activities are on the way!


What is most important is that Kindy 2 did their best, and everyone shows great promise. We’ll be sure to find more fun books to read! Let’s keep doing our best, Kindy 2!


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