Buggin’ Out!☆Kindy2


Hello hello, everyone! Winter is upon us and it is officially COLD! Hope ya’ll are managing to stay warm out there! As for Kindy 2? We’re busy learning, as always. This time we’re doing a lesson about bugs! Some of us like them, but others don’t. However, it is important to know the role they play in our world!

Step one is to see them with our own eyes. Luckily, we had some specimens on hand with ready-to-go magnifying glasses! This gave us the perfect chance to get up close and personal with our insect friends!

We were not only able to see the differences between different insects, but also some similarities as well! 

Of course it wouldn’t be a complete lesson without a few specific examples of what bugs do for us. In particular, we learned that spiders are our friends and catch other bugs for us! We also learned that bees help pollinate flowers and make honey ! Wow!

There are so many bugs out there in the world and we are so excited to learn more abou t what they all do for us! Way to go, Kindy 2!  


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