Crafty Faces for the Festivities ☆ Small Kids


Hello everyone, Small Kids Class here!

Another month means another craft, and everyone was ready to make their own Girl’s Festival craft.

First, they all worked on their faces.

“Stick your eyes and mouths on your faces, okay? Can you make a happy face?”

All of their eyes were done very nicely. It was the mouths that maybe gave a little trouble.

“The boys get the blues and greens. Please share with your friends, okay?”

Toni and Mika were surprised by how quickly they opened their next colors. They really liked using their markers.

“The girls get yellows and purples. Please color all of the white, okay?”

“Ready? Let’s spray water on our colors!”

Everyone made such a great craft! They all had so much fun!

Good job Small Kids! Let’s keep having fun and doing our best! Toni and Mika are so proud of you!


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