Dance Dance Revolution!☆Kindy2


Hello Everyone! Kindy 2 reporting in!

We hope everyone is having a wonderful summer! It’s still hot out there! So be sure to stay cool and drink plenty of water.

Meanwhile, Kindy 2 is starting to spice things up with some red-hot dance moves! Everyone has been working super hard recently, but it’s always a good idea to mix things up and just have some fun!

Of course, there is always a lesson to be learned, even when we’re dancing. Kindy 2 is practicing not only moving their bodies, but also learning to do so together! It’s harder than it looks, but everyone is doing a fantastic job !!

In a way, this is like a small introduction to what lies ahead! There is a lot more dancing yet to come, but everyone has shown that they are up for the task! 

Some of Kindy 2 already have begun to showcase their awesome singing voices! We’re impressed, but not surprised! It is very clear that Kindy 2 has some extreme talent and we’re looking forward to showcasing it for everyone soon! Don’t stop dancing, Kindy 2!


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