Dancing to the Rhythm ★ Kindy 3


Hello Kindy 3!

As everyone is well aware at this point, we have been focused on our upcoming Christmas concert. We have been practicing our singing as well as our sweet dance moves.

Singing has been quite hard to try to keep our pitch matched with the music but we have been slowing working our way to it and sound great as a class.

The dance has been hard work to learn and we are all trying hard to remember the moves. We have put a lot of sweat into it but it looks great when we can do it all together.

Our song has helped us work with a dance partner and move with each other around the stage. We look great dancing together but can also do well when showing off alone.

The dance has some parts that are new to us and quite hard to time correctly but we have been trying really hard to get it down and make it the best concert yet!

It has been so much fun so far learning together and helping each other out and we are excited to show you what we have done. See you there!

Great work Kindy 3!


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