Earthquake Drill! ☆ Preschool


Hello, Preschool!

We learned a lot about what happens during an earthquake! Sometimes we can prepare for an emergency, but most of the time these things are unexpected!
It’s a normal day, we’re having fun together!

But suddenly, we are told that there is an earthquake and we have to stop playing with our toys and lay down until it’s safe to sit up!

Everyone should keep their heads down in case anything falls!

Once it’s safe, we have to put on our emergency hats!

I tried my best to put the hat on by myself!

Once we have our hats on, it’s time to wait for teachers to tell us what to do next! We can’t walk around because if it’s an emergency, it might be dangerous!

We’re waiting for directions!

We’re paying attention to what our teachers are saying.

Our hats are going to keep us safe!

What should I do?

After everyone has their hats on it is time to line up and follow our teachers to the front door!

We can line up nicely one-by-one!

Emergencies can be scary, but this one is only pretend!

When we’re in a line, we have to practice walking nicely! Running isn’t safe, and someone could get lost!

One-by-one! One-by-one!

Finally! Everyone made it safely to the front door! We all sat down and waited nicely until it was time to go back inside. It’s very important not to run away once we’re outside!

We’re all here!

It’s good to be calm in this situation!

Before we go back inside, we listen to our teachers one last time! Everyone is waiting so patiently!

You did amazing! So cool!

Even though earthquakes can be scary, it’s always good to practice as much as we can! We want to be safe in all emergencies! Everyone did their best and listened really well! Great job, Preschool!


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