Earthquake! Earthquake! (Kindy 1)


To help keep us safe, a few times a month we practice our Earthquake Drills. They can happen anytime or anywhere and we teach all our children how to best protect themselves and others during such an event.

When the alarm sounds and our teachers call out, “Earthquake! Earthquake!”, the first thing we do is find an open space and make our acorns. We need to protect our heads and legs!

Keeping in a tight ball and staying quiet, our teachers help us by grabbing all our earthquake hats and piling them on top and around us.

When it is safe enough and our teachers tell us it is okay to do so, we all grab a hat each (sometimes we still try for our favourite hat, even though our teachers say it doesn’t matter) and line up.

We’re still learning how to put on our hats well so our teachers help us too!

We line up and make sure we’re all ready before leaving the classroom.

Quickly and quietly, we make our way through the hallway and down the stairs. We have to be careful and follow the person in front of us.

We always hold the handrail so we don’t fall.

When we make it safely, and everyone is accounted for, we make our way back upstairs to discuss more about earthquakes, things we did well in, and things which we can do better.

Even if we’re not near our earthquake hats, we’re sure we know what to do!

Good job, Kindy 1!
We hope everyone has a lovely weekend!


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