Easter Craft ☆ Small Kids


Hello! Welcome to Small Kids!

For our April craft, we learned all about Easter! The kids were really excited to be able to make their own Easter eggs, so we quickly got to explaining how it’s done!


The first thing the kids did was pick out what color Easter egg they wanted to decorate.

“Pick a color, please!”

They even worked on picking out their eggs together!


Now they were ready to start coloring!

“Please use your pencils one by one!”


They loved adding their own stickers to the eggs!

“Stick, stick!”


They were so happy with what they made, they just wanted to clap!



We even wanted to show off our craft to Mika!


Mika and Laken loved helping the kids create their eggs and look forward to completing many more crafts together! You all did such a good job!


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