Family Games⭐︎Small Kids


Hello everyone, Small Kids here!

Today was the last day of our theme, and we were so excited to learn about it while we could! We all had a lot of fun with Family related activities!

Before each game, Toni explains what to do. “Please listen to which family member to throw to.”

“Here you are!” Everyone is very happy to get a turn with throwing. Did you know we are practicing how to throw?

We may need to practice for more distance, but we can find our correct family member!

In other games, we practice different phrases. “Please say good night to … Baby.” There are different-looking beds to let our family sleep in.

Another listening game lets us crawl through our hula hoops. Toni will tell us who to look for before and after we go through the hoops.

“Are you ready?” We are so excited!

“Go, go!” After we get our family pictures, we show Toni and tell her who it is.

“Hmm, is this Mommy?” When Toni shows us an example, she will sometimes show us that it’s okay to choose the wrong answer. When she gets it wrong, we like to help her too!

“Brother!” We are getting very good at answering Toni’s questions!

“Mommy!” Some of our gestures are as small as our voice, but that’s okay. Toni can still hear us.

“Where do you want your family to go?” We really liked working together to show a full house. 

Didn’t we do great?

Everyone is always having fun and doing their best with our lessons! Toni and Mika are proud of you, and I’m sure your Family is too! You are all doing a great job, Small Kids!


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