Finishing Our First Theme of the Month


Hello everyone, Small Kids Class here!

We have finished with our first month in class, and that means we are comfortable with our classroom routine. For our first theme in class, we studied Classroom Objects. 

We have practiced watching our flashcards for lessons. See how well we can copy our gestures?

We have gotten very good at focusing as we flip through our many vocabulary flashcards. We may fidget, but we can stay on our pictures so well.

After our flashcards, we can play some games! We take turns one by one, and only need a little help to play. For this game, we choose a picture to push our ball through.

Then we answer Toni’s question, “What was that?” We like to try using our gestures if we can’t answer with our voices. ^.^

We have a lot of fun! Sometimes we just want to keep playing instead of touching our teachers to finish our turns.

After our games, we sing songs and dance. This is us dancing as we “point to the floor” in our song. We got very good with Wind the Bobbin Up!

Small Kids Class did so well with our first month of lessons! And just as well, since we are starting a new theme when we get back to class. 

Enjoy your holiday, everyone! Until next time!


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