First Small Kids Craft


Hello! With a holiday just passed us, Small Kids Class had an opportunity to make our first craft by ourselves. Can you guess what we made? Let us show you how hard we worked.

Before we start, everyone needed to listen to Toni’s explanation of what we will do. Look at our wonderful focus and attention!

The first step for our craft means we get to color. Choosing a favorite color is always fun, but our craft will look better if we choose many. This was the easy part. We wanted to color as messily as possible.

After that, Toni helped us write our name. 

We had a shape that we colored over. After we finished using it, we could take it off. Hmm, what was it? A rabbit!

We had one more sticker to use for this craft. There were many colors to choose from.

Aha! Into our shape it went. Could it be a tail? Some of us wanted more.

Our craft was a little late for Easter, but we all did wonderful working as independently as we could. Maybe our next craft can be a little harder. Until next time! Bye-bye, from Small Kids Class!



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