Flower Power!★Kindy 2


Hello everyone! Kindy 2 is back again! This time we are learning about plants! We see them everyday, but it’s very important to know how they work!

First we learn by pretending to be plants ourselves! We spread our roots, grow our leaves, and try to find the sun! It’s a fun way to remember not only the parts of a plant, but how they work as well!

Next, we went outside to plant some seeds ourselves. This year we will be growing sunflowers! Step one is to get soil. No soil, no sunflowers! Next, we make little holes to put the seeds in.


Next, we take the seeds and put them in the holes we made! There were plenty of sunflower seeds to go around, and everyone got a chance to help plant our sunflowers.

Last, it was time to gently cover the seeds and water them so that they could grow. Overall it was a great chance for everyone to get some hands-on experience! Now we stay patient as we wait for our little sprouts to show up! These things take time, but we hope they spout soon! Way to go, Kindy 2!


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