From experiments to butterflies! (Kindy 1)


Hello everyone!

This week we’ve been having so much fun making lots of Halloween crafts!

This one started as an experiment using our primary colours and water; we were able to see the changes made when the colours mixed and how water made them spread over our coffee filters.

We each picked two colours, and mixed and spread out our ‘coloured coffee’.

Next it was time to get our eye dropper out! It was our first time using one but we got used to it quickly.

Drop, drop, drop! Let’s add the water!

We watched our colours mix and change for our ‘wings’! This was very exciting!

Wow! Look at that!

Our hands got a bit messy (oops!) but it was fun!

But the most exciting part was seeing them finally on the wall… Didn’t they turn out to be such beautiful butterflies?

We can’t wait to show you all our other crafts!

Good job, Kindy 1
We hope everyone has a beautiful weekend!


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