From Us to You ★ Kindy 3


Hello Kindy 3!

We have been hard at work preparing a nice surprise for the people at the Hinata Day Care Center. It has been a lot of fun and we’d love to show you what we’ve been up to.

Our plan was to tell them a little about ourselves, sing them a song, and make the a medal that they can remember us by. The song was a little hard in the beginning but we quickly learned the words.

It was a lot of fun to dance and every time we practiced, everyone wanted to sing it again even if we were a little shy to shake our bodies. Let’s keep up the rhythm and sweet moves.

The craft we decided to make them was a medal to wear around their necks. The origami decoration was harder to make that it looked but we managed to get it without too much trouble.

We wrote a simple message for them and drew some nice pictures. We have no doubts about them enjoying the gifts since we put so much effort into it.

The final result turned out great! We were so happy to make such a nice gift for them and hope that it brings a smile to their faces.

Great work Kindy 3, they are sure to love it.


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