Fun Holiday Stories ☆ Small Kids


Hello everyone, Small Kids Class here!

Small Kids Class loves storytime! When the holidays were fast approaching, Toni found all sorts of special stories to help everyone learn about and get excited for them! 

“Which story do you want to read?”

Toni doesn’t normally give so many options to choose from, but after we read one story we can follow it up with another. How lucky that everyone could have story time after lessons as well as before home time. They kept high interest the entire month.

Small Kids were allowed to read the holiday storybooks by themselves when they started to show their favorites. What a treat!

“Where is the mouse looking?”

“Wow, you finished so fast! Will you read a new story?”

Everyone treated all the books so nicely. The teachers were very impressed.

Then, a surprise! Small Kids started to read the way Toni did. They wanted to read to their friends!


What a wonderful way to end the year and begin a new one! I hope Small Kids remembered to say “Merry Christmas” after all the times we read it in our books, haha! Today, some of us were even able to try saying “Happy New Year”! Great job, everyone! Toni and Mika are proud of you, and we hope you’re ready to keep having fun and do your best!


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