Go With the Throw!☆Kindy2


Hello everyone! It’s really getting hot these days, and we hope you all are staying cool! To help Kindy 2 keep cool, we had physical development in the gym! We’ve been practicing throwing quite a bit, but aiming is a whole different story. So we set up some targets and had some fun!

First we practiced hitting many smaller, closer targets. Once we got the hang of things, we made it harder by building a larger target to hit! Despite being bigger, it was a bit far and not so easy to topple!

It took a bit of practice, but eventually Kindy 2 was able to get throw it far enough to hit the target. However, it’s sturdier than it looks! So not only did everyone have to throw the ball far, they had to also throw it hard while keeping accuracy! Not an easy feat!


Of course, with a bit more practice everyone was able to get the hang of things. Before we knew it, toppling the target became a piece of cake. Now that we’ve mastered the art of throwing, it’s time to move onto practicing our catching skills! Keep up the good work Kindy 2!


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