Going For a Spin!⭐︎Kindy2


Hello everyone! Kindy 2 reporting in with another classroom activity! This month we have been learning about inventions and experiments. A fun topic for sure, but not easy to understand! So we decided to dive right in and do a visual experiment to see just what that means!

Our first Kindy 2 experiment is the cyclone experiment! It’s a simple, yet effective way to learn how forces of nature work, but also really cool to watch!

Everyone was super excited to take part and give their own hypothesis on what would happen! Would the cyclone stop? Would the water drain faster? There were so many great ideas! So of course, everyone got a chance to try for themselves and get a close look to see what would happen. 

August was our first foray into the scientific process, but just because August is over doesn’t mean this will be our only experiment! We have plenty of experiments left to do, so stay excited! Way to go, Kindy 2!


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