Going for Glory⭐︎Kindy 2


Hello everyone! Hope you are all doing well and staying warm! Winter is just about over, but it’s still pretty cold out there so please stay warm! Staying active is definitely one way to keep warm, so this seems like a natural segue to talk about our Kindy 2 Sports Day!

We had plenty of events to do throughout the day, and yes, it definitely took the whole day! First we had events that allowed everyone to display their individual skill, such as 1v1 sprints and relay races!

A new event that was special to Kindy 2 this year was the Potato Sack Race! This is a classic event that seemed long overdue to make it’s appearance at an IKA sports day event. Everyone had loads of fun scurrying around trying to get inside as fast s possible.


In the afternoon, we had more team-based activities that required teamwork in order to win. Tug of War was a hard-fought affair, but everyone gave it their best!

We also had the pole-snatching event! Although it’s been done before at IKA, this was Kindy 2’s first time doing this event! It was exciting, and was a great test of balance and reflexes!

The basket toss was also a terrific test of concentration and motor skill development! It’s a lot tougher than it looks, but everyone was able to do a terrific job!

And of course, by popular demand, our final event was dodgeball! This event was extremely close and went back and forth a number of times. It was a true battle of the ages! Out of all the times Kindy 2 has played dodgeball, this match in particular stands out above the rest!

Overall, we all had a bunch of fun for this special Kindy 2 Sports Day! We learned the value of good sportsmanship, trying hard and never giving up. Perhaps most importantly, we learned that, win or lose, we are all team Kindy 2 and we should all root for each other! Stay classy, Kindy 2!


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