Happy Father’s Day!☆Kindy2


Happy Father’s Day everyone!

We hope that everyone was able to have a good Father’s Day celebration filled with lots of fun!

In order to help make that day feel  extra  special, Kindy 2 made some unique cards for Dad! Dads definitely love a good suit, so we felt it was appropriate to make something that reflects a sharp-dressed man.

Not only did we craft a nice suit for our dads, but we also drew a wonderful picture and wrote a nice accompanying message.

It’s harder than it looks! Having to make precise cuts, write out a nice message, and glue all together really tested our concentration! But Kindy 2 never disappoints, and everyone was able to make a superb card for our dads.

The final result is a craft that can stand the test of time, and something we can all look back on with fond memories. Fantastic job, Kindy 2!

Thank you to all the fathers and father-figures out there! You all make the world a special place and we appreciate you! 


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