Happy Grandparents’ Day! ☆ Preschool


We wanted to make something extra special for our grandparents this year! We decided to make a cute photo holder! Once we’ve got our smocks on, we’re ready to paint! We’ve chosen our colors and now we’re rolling our bouncy balls around in our box to paint the paper!

Rolling, rolling, rolling!

Look at what we’re doing!

It’s fun to tilt the box this way and that way!

Check out the colors I chose!

Isn’t it pretty?

Even though the paint and bouncy balls are in the box, our hands got messy, but it’s okay! That’s why we have our smocks on!

Our hands match the paper!

After we finished with the box, we had to wait for the paper to dry! Once it was finished, though, we had one more thing to do! We had to tape our oh-so cute pictures onto the painted frame! We had a lot of tape, and we got to choose our favorite one!

It takes a lot of concentration, pull pull pull!

I can do this by myself!

After our photos were taped on, it was time to show off what we did! Our crafts are so pretty!

Look how my craft turned out!

We tried our best and we did great!

Everyone worked so hard on their craft and they turned out wonderful! When we take it to our grandparents, we have to say: I love you grandma and grandpa! Good job, Preschool!


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