Happy Holidays! (Kindy 1)


Hello everyone!
This week in Kindy 1 we worked on our beach craft for nature! We were learning about having a summer holiday, and one thing we love to do in summer is go swimming at the beach!

Of course, finding creatures and exploring the sand is a lot of fun too!

Naturally, we wanted to use many colours!

We started by mixing paint to make our sea and sand.

We had a lot of fun painting; half sand and half sea.
Holding a paint brush is a lot like holding our pencils, too!

We then started painting our crabs red. We wanted our crabs to be healthy and tried to leave no white spots. It did end up on our smocks and hands a little but we didn’t mind at all!

Careful…careful… Painting takes a lot of concentration!

We made our crab legs, eyes and claws, too!

We then got to choose between an octopus or turtle to stamp onto our beach. It was very easy! We all got a starfish and our teachers helped us so we didn’t make any mess!

Look how well we did!

Lastly, we traced our names and used crayons to colour our starfish, turtles and octopus!

We had so many colours to choose from and we are very happy with the result!

We hope everyone can enjoy these summer holidays doing things they love!
From Kindy 1.

Good job, everyone!


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