Hit the Ground Running! – Kindy 2


Welcome to Kindy 2 everyone!

We have a lot planned for the year and I hope you all are ready to have tons of fun! We’re off to a great start and one blog can’t possibly cover it all!

It’s not easy not easy, but we are already hard at work learning to read and write by ourselves. Before too long everyone will be reading and writing like true professionals!

Of course it wouldn’t be a true Kindy 2 lesson without math. This month we’re focusing on learning ordinal numbers. In this lesson we tested our knowledge with a friendly game of Karuta!

We also understand that physical development is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. This month’s topic is balance and it’s not as easy as it looks!

What better way to finish off the day by having a bit of friendly competition? This week we had a relay race! Everyone did great and I can’t wait to see which team will win next time.

Everyone in Kindy 2 is off to a fantastic start! Keep up the good work everyone!


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