It’s Christmas time in Kindy 1!


Merry Christmas from Kindy 1!

This week we have been busy making our Christmas craft.

We have been making specil ornaments for the trees we have at home. Each ornament has a nice message and our picture on the front.

We spent time decorating the frames first. We all want to make sure it looks nice with pompoms and stickers!

We also coloured in our Santa Claus and reindeer. Soon they will look like they are flying in the sky to carry our prestents home.

We took our big red triangles and added some glitter to make sure the ornament shines when its on our tree.

Latly we are writing our special messages. We wanted to say thank you for helping Santa this year! We know it’s not easy deivering presents all over the world!

We are done!! They are houses with our smiling faces on the inside. Don’t our roofs look great?

Merry Christmas everyone!!


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