It’s Lunch Time!!! ☆ Preschool


Preschool wants to show how they get ready for lunch! We start out by washing our hands at the sink and making so many bubbles! We want to make sure our hands are nice and clean!

“Washing washing washing!”

Once we finish washing our hands, we all sit down at our tables and wait for everyone to be ready. Sometimes it’s so hard to be patient, it all looks so yummy!

We can all say “This looks delicious, let’s eat!”

“I’m going to try this one!”

“I can take a big bite!”

We can even finish our lunches! We’re happy to show off our empty lunch boxes and say “I ate everything!” We’re so proud!

Everyone does their best to try all parts of their lunch every day so they can grow a lot! Good job, Preschool!


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