It’s Tidy Up Time! ☆ Preschool


Everyone has so much fun during playtime, but eventually it’s time to tidy up! Preschool is going to show how they can tidy up quickly! There are a lot of toys, so everybody has to help pick up every single one!

We found more!

Sometimes the toys appear to be hiding! Look carefully around the whole classroom!

Aha! I found you!

Even teachers help during tidy up time! Let’s make sure the toys get put in the correct place!

Animals go in this basket! Who has an animal?

Sometimes we get lots of books to read during playtime, so it’s time to tidy those up, too!

Who else is going to tidy up books with me?

We can! Make sure to hold them nicely!

Once we have all of the toys collected, we can work together to put them away!

It’s so heavy, let’s go together!

I’m ready to go!

3. … 2 … 1 … Lift!

Oh no , one fell out! Wait please!

At last, the boxes go into the cubby to wait until our next playtime!

Everyone plays nicely together, so it makes sense that we can tidy up nicely together, too! The classroom gets so clean! Good job, Preschool!


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