Jumping for Joy ★ Kindy 3


Hello Kindy 3!

Things are going great here in Kindy 3! We have been working a lot about teamwork and how to accomplish things as a group. It can be difficult at times to think that helping someone else can help your team win.

We played a game called Leap Frog. It involves a small team acting like frogs to jump over the rest of the team to the front of the line. Then the back person jumps all the way to the front.

This game can be difficult as you need to both pay attention to who is behind you and who is already in front of you.

After our first practice round, the kids started to get really competitive and were trying their best to move their team forward quickly. Everyone was cheering for their teams and jumping as fast as they could.

It took a ton of energy but it was so much fun and everyone wanted to keep playing more. With a little more practice I think we can beat anyone that we compete against.

Great work Kindy 3! Let’s keep trying our best to learn new games and we will have more and more fun throughout the year!


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