Just Plane Fun⭐︎Kindy2


Hello everyone! Kindy 2 is back with some pretty fun stuff! This month one of our topics is technology. While we were talking about newer technology, such as helicopters and airplanes, Kindy 2 asked a great question. How do airplanes fly? It was a fantastic question! And what better way to explain it than to do a hands-on experiment! Paper airplanes!

We got right to work folding paper to make our paper airplanes. Everyone shows terrific motor skills and we were able to make our planes without any trouble!


Of course, it’s not fun to have a plain, white airplane to throw. So everyone got to put their own creative touch on their own craft. Every paper airplane looked so unique as everyone was able to express their creative side.

Once that was done, all that was left was to test out how airplanes actually fly! So we all lined up in the gym, and got ready to take off. 


With our very own eyes (and a bit of teacher’s explanation), we were able to figure out that airplanes fly because something pushes them, and air keeps them in the sky. What fun! I hope everyone has fun with their paper airplanes at home ! Take to the skies, Kindy 2!


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