Kindy 1’s Space Craft


Hello all, Kindy 1 here!

This month in Kindy 1 we are learning all about space. We have learnt the names and order of the planets and all about how to get to space too.


A few days ago an alien spacecraft appeared in our classroom! Thankfully there weren’t any aliens but it did look very lonely by itself.

Luckily Kindy 1 are a resourceful bunch and we decided to make our own aliens to send to space! We started with a simple template and the instruction to create an alien.

Some of us drew large eyes, some drew small eyes, some of us even drew 20! Our alies had different sized ears and different colours arms and legs. Each of them unique.

Lastly we thought it would be best to add a little glitter to our aliens. We want to make sure they are able to shine amoung the stars.

Almost all of our aliens have boarded their ship but we still have to wait for a few other friends before they can go on their next adventure into space.


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