Language START!⭐︎Kindy2


It’s only been a short time since the start of the school year, but Kindy 2 is already hard at work with Language Arts!

Everyone is excited to learn how to read, and our phonics workbooks are the first step towards achieving that goal! These workbooks aren’t easy, but Kindy 2 is always up to the challenge. So far we have complete 6 (!!!) workbooks! Only one more to go before we really kick it up a notch!

Of course, learning to read is more than just doing workbooks. Games play just as big a role, and they’re twice the fun! Everyone is always excited for a rousing game of Karuta.


Naturally, were also learning new games to keep things fresh. “Memory” has been the new game of choice recently, and it has been a fun way to help us learn our verb tenses! Just simply flip a card and try to find it’s counterpart!


Everyone has made great strides in our Language Arts development! Let’s keep up the good work! Wonderful job, Kindy 2!!!


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