Let’s Get Writing ★ Kindy 3


Kindy 3 is starting to write our first journals. It can be a lot of fun writing about things that we enjoy all from our own thoughts. It also poses a nice challenge for us to think about things all by ourselves.

For our first journal we are writing about our favorite character from TV or a movie. We all have someone that we like best and it’s fun to share with the class.

It takes all of our focus to make sure we write exactly what we want.

When we have some trouble we can talk with our classmates or teachers to get some extra ideas about what to write next.

It takes a lot of practice but we are doing great and will only get better as we practice writing more and more.

But writing isn’t the only thing we are working on. We also spend time on reading and having discussions about our stories. Everyone is able to share their own opinions and help us think about things differently.

Let’s keep working hard to write on our own and with practice it will come super easy.

Great Job Kindy 3!


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