Lettuce have more! (Kindy 1)


Hello, everyone!

We finally got to see how big our lettuce grew! We were so excited!
It started off so small and we watched it get bigger and bigger!

Whenever we were outside, we checked to see if they had gotten big enough to eat!
On Monday, Momoko picked our lettuce, washed it and we watched as she put a yummy dressing on for us!

Surprisingly, it was delicious!

We all tried it, and we loved it!
In fact, we enjoyed it so much that we even asked for more!

“May I have more lettuce, please?”

We had so much! We asked many times for more, and we ate until we were full and could eat no more.

This was a very special lunch time for us! We hope we can try more yummy food together next time too!


Good Job, Kindy 1!
We are so proud of you for trying more vegetables!


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