Made with Love ☆ Small Kids


Hello everyone, Small Kids Class here!

We were all very excited for this month’s big craft! When Toni showed us everything, she only gave us one rule: “Please don’t eat your craft! It’s yucky!”

We used clay for the first time! Playdoh is normally softer, so Toni helped us knead the clay and make it workable. 

“Push it inside your heart, okay? Push push push!”

After we made a good-sized heart, Toni gave us a paintbrush. We all pushed really hard, so the top of the heart was smoother than Toni and Mika expected. 

“Spread your glue nicely. Ready? Rub rub rub!”

With our heard nice and sticky, we got to choose two colors to sprinkle over it. Toni had to catch us a couple of times to keep from grabbing a whole fist of sprinkles. 

“What color do you want?” We could answer all by ourselves!

“Can you pinch some? Just a little at a time.”

Then we got to choose the stick to our heart lollipop. Some of us even got to push it in without help! 

“Which color do you want? Red or Green?” It was a trick question. They had both colors haha!

We wanted to pick it up right away, but the clay was still too soft. 

“Wow! Look what you made!”

We all did really well with this craft! We hope you get to enjoy it either on our bags or yours!


Good job Small Kids! Be sure to tell your family and friends “I love you!” just like you do in class! Let’s keep having fun and doing our best with Toni and Mika!


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