Making More Colours! (Kindy 1)


Hello everyone, it’s Kindy 1!

This week we learnt more about colours; how we can mix colours and make new colours! For this, we made two colour charts to put on our wall for reference later!

We used paint brushes for our paint, and we started by colouring our circles, hearts, clouds, stars and raindrops with primary colours: red, yellow, blue.

We then added shades: black and white.


Holding a paint brush is a bit different from a pencil, but it was lots of fun and we were careful to paint nicely!

We couldn’t wait until it was our turn! But we washed our brushes each time and then carefully got more paint so we had beautiful colours.

Next we got to mix two colours together by ourselves!
Yellow and red to make orange!

Red and blue to make purple!

Yellow and blue to make green!
Black and white to make gray!
Red and white to make pink!

We really like our colour charts and during play time we practice remaking them!

We hope we have lots more fun lessons together!

Until next time,
Good job Kindy 1!


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