Measuring the Class ★Kindy 3


Hello Kindy 3!

We learned a bunch of things this year so far and measurements have been a little difficult so we got some practice in by measuring the class room.

We know that things are measured using millimeters and centimeters, but we can use any scale to measure with.

For us this meant using some of our long sticks. They are perfect because we know how to line them up straight it is something we can work together to accomplish.

It was a lot of work to make them go the entire way across the classroom, but we finally made it both directions. This is much longer than we have ever built before.

Now time for the hard part, we need to count how many it took to span the room. We counted 3 times to make sure we had the correct number and recorded it to the board.

We had a short discussion about length and width. We generally use length to describe the longer of the 2 sides and width for the shorter. After deciding which one was longer we were able to say the size of our classroom. It was bigger than any of us thought.

It took some time and we had to work as a team but we were able to complete our measuring and learn about describing sizes. Great work Kindy 3!


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