Every Morning for Small Kids


Hello, Small Kids here!

When we come to school so close to lesson time, it can be hard for us to be excited to be in class. We have to take our time washing our hands and unpacking our bags so we can settle down. If we are still crying, singing our Hello Song helps us settle down. If we are not crying, we are so excited to sing along!

Before we start jumping into our lessons, we begin our Morning Routine. This includes the Day of the Week as well as the Weather. 

“Let’s go through our Days of the Week! We have, Sunday! Monday! …”

We each take turns all week to report the day to our classmates!

“T t, Tuesday!”

“W w, Wednesday!”

We do the same with the Weather! 

“How’s the weather today? It’s …?” 

We are trying to learn the weather by the colors in the sky. If there is only blue, it’s Sunny! If it’s blue and white we say,

“It’s Partly Cloudy!”

If it’s dark and gray, or just very little blue in the sky, we say “It’s Cloudy.”

Everyone in Small Kids is doing very well with our Morning Routine. Some of us are really excited to be a Leader, too! 


Sorry, we can only have two Leaders each day! But don’t worry, everyone always has a turn every week. 

Good job, Small Kids! Toni and Mika are so proud of how much you like participating in the morning.


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