Music Practice ☆ Small Kids


Hello everyone! Small Kids Class here!

We’ve been learning a lot of songs in class. We’ve also been learning about musical instruments too! It’s been so much fun playing with them all. 

“Here you are!”

Everyone has shown a lot of interest to try playing together with our musical instruments. With our Xylophones, everyone is careful to use their drum sticks properly.  

It’s a little harder to use the Tambourines, though. They love drums so much, they want to use them like a drum set! 

“Are you in a band?”

The Maracas are easy for everyone to enjoy. There are many of them, and they fit in their hands just right. 

We only have two drums in class. Small Kids can put them on themselves. If they have no drumsticks, they can grab a maraca instead. So smart!

“What song are you playing?”

We also have Castanets, which are fascinating to open and flap.

“Is that how you use it?”

Last in our toy box are the Bells. It takes some time to learn to use them compared to the easier Maracas. 


You’re doing great, Small Kids. Everyone is exploring so much and learning new things. Keep up the good work and let’s all keep having fun together! 


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