New Hot Cocoa Craft ☆ Small Kids


 Hello everyone, Small Kids Class here!

We started a new craft recently! We were all so very excited and listened very carefully to our instructions.

First, we needed to use some glue and dip our craft marshmallow into a cup of cocoa. Our glue was sticky but Toni or our friends helped to keep our glue steady. 

“Did you do all of your marshmallows?”

Then, Toni gave us something harder to dip in our glue. Snowflakes to decorate our cup.

“Tap gently, okay?”

Finally, we got to write our initials in!

“What color do you want?”

Writing was surprisingly exciting for us all. After recognizing the letter for our names, we did our best to follow the lines with Toni. It was just as interesting to do as it was to watch our friends. 

“Ready? Can you squeeze with me?”

“Touch! You did it!”

Good job, everyone! Hot Cocoa is something nice to have for the winter season, but Toni and Mika are very happy you all liked dipping into glue and writing for this craft too! Let’s keep doing our best and having fun in class together!


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