No work? No problem!☆Kindy2


Hey hey, everyone! Kindy 2 is back to show you with what we’re up to! This past year has been one big learning frenzy. In addition to the regular curriculum, we’ve also had to put emphasis on sanitation education due to the pandemic! Wow! The learning just never ends! Sure we’ve had our fair share of fun on this journey, but we also wanted to show you that Kindy 2 also likes to have fun with no strings attached sometimes.

Playtime has become not just an opportunity to have fun, but also an excellent chance to show off our creativity! No goals. No worksheets. Just an uninhibited opportunity to express ourselves. Everyone needs a break in the action at some point, and Kindy 2 has definitely earned their keep.

Blocks and magnets are definitely the go-to toy in the classroom. Everyone has done a great job sharing, and even working together to build things that couldn’t be done alone! Kindy 2 Shows a great penchant for teamwork, and we couldn’t be prouder of them.

Keep up the hard work, Kindy 2! But also don’t forget to take it easy 🙂


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