Obstacle Course! Exciting ABCs! ☆ Preschool


We used blocks to make an obstacle course! We pay close attention while we’re waiting so we can find the letter!

I’m ready for my letter!

I’m listening so closely! Tell me what to find!

I’m already looking at the whiteboard!

Sometimes it seems difficult, but we know we can jump this high! It takes a lot of concentration to not bump into the blocks! Good luck everyone!

Let’s go! 3…2…1!

We had a great time being so active and jumping as high as we can! Here we go!

Up I go!

I can fly over the blocks!

I look so cool!

Finally once we’re finished overcoming the hurdles, we can find our letter and show everyone how quickly we can answer!

I found “Q” all by myself!

This one is “D”!

This is A, isn’t it?

I found my letter so fast!

We love showing off how much energy we have! Jumping over the blocks was so fun, maybe we can try something taller next time? Good job, Preschool!


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