Our Beautiful Garden★Kindy 3 (年長クラス)


This year we all planted and cared for some mustard spinach. We all took care of it and made sure to keep it watered since it was so hot. We were so surprised at how big the plants got.

After growing for about 1 month it was ready to pick. We harvested it all together and were ready to start chowing down on some tasty homegrown spinach.

It grew quite well and we had plenty to share with everyone. It wasn’t too hard to harvest and it was an exciting adventure for everyone. After a quick boil it was ready to eat, and boy were we hungry!

It went well with our lunch and we managed to eat all of it in one sitting. We wish we had even more to eat. It can sometimes be scary to try new foods but we all did our best and ended up enjoying it together.

We certainly want to try growing more of our own food. It tastes so much better when you know that you put the work in to grow it yourself.

Great work gardening Kindy 3!


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