Our Classroom Aquarium! ☆ Preschool


Everyone wanted to bring the aquarium back with us! It would take a lot of space to have all of those ocean animals, so is it even possible?

We decided to start by gathering large sheets of paper and getting out the blue paint!

We want to make the paper as blue as possible!

Can you see how much I’ve done?

I’m going to make my handprints!

We don’t mind getting messy while painting!

Look how blue my hands are!

I like showing how much paint I can put on my hands!

The paper is going to look as blue as the ocean!

I think I want more paint!

Everyone is making their hands so blue!

More blue paint please!

It’s dripping! How cool!

Perfect hand prints!

I’m very focused on finding the perfect spot to paint!

Once we have our “ocean” all painted, we need some animals to put in our tank! How many animals should we have? What color should they be?

Maybe I’ll use red!

Look at the color I chose!

I want to finish my coloring quickly so my animals can go in the water!

It’s so exciting to have our very own aquarium!

Wow it’s so big! It takes up the whole wall! We put all of our favorite ocean animals into our tank where we can see them every day when we come into I.K.A.!! Good job preschool, it looks amazing!


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