Our Free Time to Play ★ Kindy 3


Hello Kindy 3!

We have been working hard each day and it’s always nice to get a break so we though we would share our lunch time with you. We have been eating quickly so that we can have as much time to play as possible.

We have all been trying our best to not waste our food and eat everything but sometimes it can be difficult. Even such, we never fail to try new foods when the appear in lunch. We want to try everything!

We love to share lunch with each other but are eager to get finished so we can play and chat with everyone. We have come up with some really creative ideas about how to play with different toys and enjoy sharing activities with our friends.

We came up with a way to play golf using our toys and have been having a great time competing together during play time. We make our own course and challenge others to complete it.

Keep up the great work Kindy 3!


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