Our Halloween Party ☆ All Classes


This is our Halloween Party!nWe spent so much time preparing for it and it was so exciting to finally see what we could do! Preschool practiced their dancing a lot so they could all dance together!

Everyone line up! We’re going to use big voices!

We had a lot of teachers watching us, but it’s okay!

We all danced exactly like we practiced! Good job, Preschool!

There were a lot of other things to do! Kindy 1 worked really hard on their craft: coloring a mask to wear for Halloween!

I want to make it look so beautiful!

Is it okay to start working?

I’m having so much fun coloring! Everyone made such amazing masks! Good job, Kindy 1!

Kindy 2 walked excitedly to the next room where the teachers had prepared a super special video for everyone to watch! What will it be?

Walking nicely into the classroom, one-by-one!

Where should we sit?

We all have to stay still so everyone can see! It’s so amazing! Thank you for watching, Kindy 2!

The last room was full of games! Kindy 3 enjoyed going around the room so they could try everything!

To play the game, we have to turn in one of our tickets!

I’m focusing on aiming at the right color!

It’s a little difficult to pick up a duck, but I can do it! Good job, Kindy 3!

We’re so happy that everyone enjoyed being a part of our Halloween Party! Thank you everyone!


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